Is life coaching just a form of unregulated counseling or psychotherapy?

This is a great question! As a Life Coach myself, I specialize in a very particular type of insecurity experienced in the fetish scene. So many people feel guilty even thinking about being kinky, much less enjoying it, that I found myself pulling total strangers aside in clubs when they started having anxiety attacks. I’ve been there myself, I made the mistake of walking away from the scene, I have a unique perspective now, and I have the ability to both empathize and communicate with others. It became such a regular thing that it became an unexpected, but extremely rewarding business.

That’s what Life Coaching is all about – that unique perspective that you’re not going to get out of either a textbook or a classroom. I never advertised myself as a “doctor” and I certainly don’t claim to have all the answers. But I have walked the walk. Maybe that’s what makes the difference between the “coach” and the “counselor”.

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