Why do life coaches charge so much money?

Is it more awkward to talk about sex or money?

That’s a really interesting question – I’m glad you asked! When I first started out I didn’t charge a penny. That was when I was talking to people 1-on-1 at a 24 hour coffee shop as they cried their eyes out, wondering what was wrong with them. Why they couldn’t accept themselves. When they’d ever be happy. Why they couldn’t get over this one fear they had and just love themselves. Over and over again. That was the work I put in to learn how to be a life coach. I did this for years.

When I finally decided to “go pro” I charged a very timid rate of $20 / hr. And I learned another lesson – no one takes a life coach seriously if they don’t take themselves seriously. Even if someone booked a session they rarely showed up. They didn’t respect me or my time. I raised my rates to $50 / hr and saw slightly better results. After six months it went up to $100 / hr and then to $150 / hr after the first year. Other life coaches in the city charged twice that, but I decided to fix my prices there, and to cater to a specific clientele. Bingo! Not only did my clients show up, but because significant cash was on the line THEY took it seriously. You’d think if they took the trouble to look me up, then book the appointment they’d be serious from the start, but the human mind doesn’t work that way. When fear and shame are involved sometimes you also have to work in something of consequence, like money, to get them to calm down enough to focus on the issue.

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