I’ve always heard becoming a successful life coach costs a ton of money and loads of travel. Is there another way?

What an interesting question! Officially I’ve been a Life Coach since 2013, though unofficially I’ve been doing it much longer than that. I’ve never heard it described in these specific terms. But now that you’ve put it like this, I must agree that money and travel certainly helps.

One of the most frequent questions asked is what a Life Coach does, how are they different from someone like a therapist, and why someone should take them seriously. These are all wonderful questions. As we all know, a therapist needs a degree. A counselor needs a certificate. A psychiatrist needs an MD!

But with a Life Coach, the emphasis must be placed on “COACH”. We’re the ones who work with others based on our own life experience, not because we went through a program or got a certificate. I like to describe a good Life Coach as a “single-serving” problem solver. We’re able to guide people through a specific crisis because we’ve been there. We have the perspective because we’ve walked the path at least once already.

Which takes me back to travel. Do you need money to do it? Yes. The amount varies. You can take the shoestring approach or sail the world, but an investment is required, not to mention the time it takes. It’s also the finest education possible. Usually a really good Life Coach has been around the block more than once, and has been around LOTS of blocks.

So a TON of money and LOADS of travel? I wouldn’t go that far. A good Life Coach needs experience, or else no one will take them seriously. One of the best ways to get that experience is via travel, and travel does cost money. How much you invest is up to you.

Incidentally, one of the best ways I know to cut down travel expense while increasing travel experience is to teach English while traveling. And that might be a good litmus test for Life Coaching as well, because the two utilize many of the same skill sets. Are you the kind of person that would find such an adventure appealing? Do you speak well in front of others? Can you think on your feet? Not afraid to get your hands dirty? Then you too might make a great Life Coach! 😉 It just takes a bit of experience.

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